Crunchy and Rocket: The Merge

What Does This Bring For Crunchy?

  • $RCKT and $rkDAO currently in circulation will be swapped to the $CRUNCH token at a determined rate equal to the current value of $RCKT and $rkDAO user hold, plus an additional 10%. A swapping contract has already been built, and a snapshot was taken before the official announcement for price capture. DO NOT SELL YOUR $RCKT AND $rkDAO! You will need to swap those tokens to make sure you get your $CRUNCH tokens. You will have 45 days to complete the swap to the $CRUNCH token, and we will provide guidance on how to do this.
  • The Rocket brand will dissolve, and all relations will be made to the Crunchy brand. The site, smart contracts and all other aspects will be removed and all resources will be pooled with Crunchy.
  • Once $RCKT liquidity unlocks, the funds will be removed and sent to the token launch funding pool for Crunchy.
  • All $RCKT in the developer and community incentives pool will be burned and not converted to $CRUNCH. The only $RCKT that will be converted to $CRUNCH is the current $RCKT circulating between users.

Why Combine the Two Projects?

The Plan: Short Term

  • You will get a 10% valuation increase based on your current $RCKT and $rkDAO holdings with the swap
  • We are creating a $CRUNCH /$kUSD farm for 3 months valued at $50K USD
  • We are creating a $CRUNCH/$WTZ farm for 3 months valued at $50K USD
  • $CRUNCH token is the key piece that makes the entire Crunch platform operate. You are gaining an instant increase in utility with this transition
  • Pixel POTUS is very excited to launch on the Crunchy Launchpad utilizing our IFO services. We also are still in talks with other projects and lining them up as we build the transition.
  • We are working a $CRUNCH burn method into our IFO process. For each IFO, a percentage of $CRUNCH will be burned once the launching project’s raise-goal is met, thus causing $CRUNCH to become deflationary.
  • We are in the middle of building and releasing some exciting new features on the Crunchy platform that will be fueled by the $CRUNCH token.
  • We have already started pursuing exchange listings and have learned a great deal about the process from doing it with $RCKT. That is one of our top priorities is to get Crunch listed on CoinGecko, CMC and a reputable CEX as soon as possible.



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